Why do we rewatch the same movies and shows or reread the same books and comics? Because it’s fun. You know exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s still entertaining to relive the story. Once you’re really familiar with the plot, little details start to pop up, and you get a deeper appreciation for the story as a whole. But have you ever noticed how those little details have the power to change the whole story? 

Fan theories might be a little farfetched or just downright crazy, but they reveal a whole new way to look at any story. By connecting stories or looking for hidden meanings within a story itself, a theory can answer and create questions all at the same time. Some theories become true over time while others get debunked immediately, yet they all manage to create a whole new experience for the same old story.

Frozen Fan Theories

The theme of this blog is fan theories about different storylines. With each post, I will explain numerous theories associated with a story, and I will analyze how believable each theory is. While I don’t pretend to be a full-blown expert on blogging or the fan theories I examine, I am familiar with the stories they cover, and I’ll do my best to analyze them properly. The purpose of this goal is to give the reader a new perspective of stories they already know and love, so PlotTwist is really just meant for entertainment. My short-term goal is to adequately cover each story I post about. Meanwhile, my long-term goal is to improve my writing skills and hopefully learn to enjoy writing in the process.