Monsters Inc. Fan Theories

giphyIn my last post, we looked at how some theories are more likely than others, but some theories are even stronger when they intertwine with one another. The Pixar Theory attempts to connect every Pixar movie into one universe, and no connection between two films is contradicted by another; if anything, each connection makes the theory that much more likely. Because there are so many movies and theories involved with Pixar, I’ll only be scratching the surface by looking at theories that correlate with Monsters Inc.


Theory: After her encounter with Sulley, Boo learned how to travel through different time periods and became the witch from Brave


Believability: While this theory might seem a bit far fetched, there is a decent amount of evidence to support the claim. Doors are significant in Monsters Inc. and in this theory. They’re the portal from one world to another, and this theory even suggests they are capable of traveling through different points in time. After entering the monster world through her closet and going through several doors throughout the movie, one could assume Boo would have made a connection between teleportation and doorways. Doors are also incorporated into the witch’s magic in Brave. The witch was able to use the same doorway to enter two completely different environments, which is reminiscent of the way monsters went into children’s room to scare them. While this might be a small coincidence between both films, the ability to travel to completely different environments through unconventional means is only found in these two movies.

659653-78400cc2-ecf7-11e2-a799-ec5c9dace08aThe age difference makes it difficult to compare most physical traits, but both Boo and the witch seem to share similar personality traits. Both appeared to be creative and artsy. Boo made numerous drawings at Mike and Sulley’s place, and her own room was covered with drawings. Although the witch wasn’t working with paper and crayons, her wood carvings were just as creative, and they even revealed another similarity. The witch was clearly obsessed with bears, but one of her carvings looked identical to our favorite monster. Even though she constantly called him Kitty, it would make sense if Boo saw Sulley as a massive, colorful bear. This love for big furry creatures from an early age could have easily affected aspects of her magic in the future.

Fans from the Pixar Post find little validity in this theory. They see some connections as a bit of a stretch and doubt Pixar intended to connect every movie. Movies like Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and A Bug’s Life are easy to connect, but movies like Cars and WALL•E are more difficult to explain. These movies show how Pixar was more focused on creating a single world for each movie as opposed to creating a unifying universe.

Still, talking toys are as odd as talking cars, so there’s no reason to assume both can’t exist at different points in time. Disney Pixar has even revealed the connections made from one movie to another; so, even if uniting every film wasn’t an intention from the beginning, it could possibly be one for the future.

giphy2But how did Boo develop powers? The world she lives in seemed relatively normal, so the chances of her learning magic and traveling through different dimensions seem pretty slim. If, however, you take a better look at the world Boo lives in, the possibility of magic or anything that strays from the norm starts to increase.

Theory: Toys can move in Monster’s Inc., so this story is part of the same universe as Toy Story.

Believability: The example in this theory might not be the most convincing, but the idea is still pretty valid. When the monster was sneaking around in the simulation room, a decent amount of toys moved around. The center of the room was essential clear when he came in, but a soccer ball, jacks, and a skateboard somehow managed to make their way to the center of the room by the time he was screaming. Some might argue that these were simply mistakes in production, but there are too many inconsistencies in one scene, so one could argue that the toys were moved intentionally.

The simulation room was meant to depict an actual child’s room, and monsters might have noticed how toys somehow managed to get in the way. After watching Toy Story, we know that toys are extremely attached to their kids, so it would make sense for them to try to protect kids from monsters. They may not have been able to outwardly attack since they couldn’t risk exposure, but subtle things like moving a skateboard might be enough to help a kid.

giphy12Some may argue that if monsters knew toys were alive, they would be more wary to enter a kids room, but this behavior is already implied even if the monsters aren’t completely aware of it. At some point, Sulley was covered in Boo’s toys, and he did everything in his power to rid himself of these toys, so he obviously believed that they were dangerous. But this fear didn’t come from the idea that they were alive since Sulley accepted every toy Boo handed him without a flinch. This behavior shows how monsters were conditioned to fear toys, but they were unaware of how dangerous they truly were.

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If the simulation room isn’t convincing enough, Boo’s room is strong evidence for this theory. Even though you never see toys running around, little changes in Boo’s room make this theory possible. When she returned to her room, her teddy bear and ball moved while a Jessie doll had appeared out of nowhere. Sully made a mess when he first entered Boo’s room, but his clumsiness cannot account for every toy’s misplacement. If here parents ever did check in on her, they wouldn’t have moved toys around. Randall and Mike both entered her room at some point, but neither had any motive to mess with her toys, so there aren’t many other reasons to explain how they moved.

The Jessie doll alone is enough to prove that Toy Story and Monsters Inc. share the same world. It could be the same cowgirl doll from Toy Story since Andy eventually gave away his toys, or it could be a completely different doll. Either way, if one Jessie doll can come alive and interact with other toys, there’s no good reason to believe other replicas are lifeless.

This connection could even explain a little detail found in Brave. Amongst all the bear carvings, there was a carving of the Pizza Planet truck, and the witch obviously couldn’t have found that car in the setting of Brave. This would make sense if the witch came from a time period that took place much later than Brave, and it would make even more sense if that time period coincided with Toy Story since that was where the Pizza Planet truck was most prevalent. These factors along with the witch’s characteristics make Boo the best contender.

While this theory might present a few questions (is Mike’s teddy bear alive?), it supports the first theory and the overall idea that every movie is connected. Boo’s world isn’t completely average, so the possibility of traveling through different dimensions or time periods doesn’t seem as impossible.

Theory: Boo has super powers. Violet could be Boo’s mom, so Boo would live in the same world as the characters in The Incredibles.

Believability: Most of the evidence in this theory is simply speculation, but it’s enough to consider it as a possibility. Boo could be a super. Her ability to move from one place to another seemed to go beyond that of an average sneaky child. Sulley repeatedly tried to put her in her room, yet she always managed to find her way back to Sulley. Her ability to end up on his back after he practically tossed her on her bed and ran seemed almost impossible unless she already possessed some kind of power. If every Pixar movie is connected, The Incredibles already opened up the possibility for superheroes. If Boo had the power to teleport, then it would explain why she was always getting lost and popping up, and it could even explain her dynamic at home.

If Boo was gone for a day, wouldn’t her parents freak out? Her room should have been under investigation by the time Sulley brought her back. If, however, Boo was a super, the lack of parental concern would make more sense. Boo’s parents might have been used to her teleporting in and out of her room, so they might not panic if they couldn’t find her immediately. If she went missing for too long, they could have simply taken matters into their own hands as opposed to calling the police.

Some fans on Reddit believe Boo might have actually been a younger Violet since they look alike and manage to disappear, but this seems unlikely because they have different names. In Monsters Inc., we learn that Boo’s real name is Mary since she wrote it on the top of her drawing. Some might argue that she could have changed her name since her family was constantly relocating, but Mr. Incredible kept the same name throughout the movie, so there would be less incentive to change hers.

Their similarities could, however, create a possible family tie. Violet could be Boo’s mother. Both look alike, and both have trouble using their powers under stress. Violet couldn’t put a force field around the plane, and Boo couldn’t teleport herself out of the chair Randall locked her in. As far as we’re concerned, few supers had children of their own, so this narrows the potential parent to the Incredibles.

If Violet was Boo’s mom, that could explain why Boo would own a Jessie doll. Toy Story 2 explained how cowboy toys were being replaced by space toys, so Woody’s Roundup Gang was no longer in stock (the chicken man even referred to them as collectibles). If that was the case, and Boo was supposedly living in the 1990’s, how did she end up with a Jessie doll? Since the Incredibles took place around the 60’s or 70’s, Violet could have easily gotten a Jessie doll as a child. The doll could have then become a hand-me-down to her daughter. There’s no definitive evidence to prove that Violet was Boo’s mother, but little factors add up to make a good case for this theory. 

Even if this theory is based more off of speculation than evidence, it doesn’t contradict the previous theories. If Boo were to to have powers, that could actually increase the chances of her becoming a witch. If she could already teleport from one place to another, there’s no reason to believe she couldn’t eventually learn how to teleport from one time period to another. If she had gone to the past, she could have been confused for a witch, and she might have picked up a few spells and tricks in the magical world she ended up in. Boo’s seemingly ordinary world actually opens the door to a lot of possibilities.

Each theory continues to strengthen the case of a unifying Pixar universe, and each movie only makes the idea more and more possible. If you want to learn more about the Pixar theory, how each new film gets incorporated, or even add your ideas on the subject, Jon Negroni’s blog is a great source for all things Pixar. YouTube channels like SuperCarlinBrothers and Seamus Gorman also like to go over theories, and the latter occasionally creates Q & A videos to answer some of your questions. If, however, you want to keep looking for a new way to watch memorable stories, keep an eye out for my post on Game of Thrones Fan Theories!


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