Frozen Fan Theories

Why do we rewatch the same movies and shows or reread the same books and comics? Because it’s fun. You know exactly what’s going to happen, but it’s still entertaining to relive the story. Once you’re really familiar with the plot, little details start to pop up, and you get a deeper appreciation for the story as a whole. But have you ever noticed how those little details have the power to change the whole story?

Fan theories might be a little farfetched or just downright crazy, but they reveal a whole new way to look at any story. By connecting stories or looking for hidden meanings within a story itself, a theory can answer and create questions all at the same time. Some theories become true over time while others get debunked immediately, yet they all manage to create a whole new experience for the same old story.

l2jhl0gpfbvs4y07kDisney, for example, has created countless amazing films, so naturally the theories associated with these stories are endless. A single film can be examined for hidden objects and meanings, and people are constantly trying to connect films to create an entire Disney Universe. I’ll just be scratching the surface by looking for connections between Frozen and a few different films. If you want to explore each theory even further, just click on the link attached.


Frozen and Tangled

Theory: The king and queen of Arendelle were on their way to Rapunzel’s wedding when they met their tragic end.


Believability: This theory is almost considered a fact. In a reddit post where the creators of Frozen were able to address fan questions, a co-director revealed that Anna and Elsa’s parents were going to a wedding. Since the plot of Frozen takes place three years after their death (2013), the shipwreck aligns with the Tangled release (2010). The geography also makes sense since Arendelle is believed to be in Norway and Corona is thought to be in Germany, so both kingdoms are within travelling distance.

Because this theory is so widely accepted, it opens the doorway to a few more theories about the these two films.

Theory: Anna and Elsa are Rapunzel’s cousins.


Believability: This theory is plausible since all three princesses look nearly identical. While some might argue that looks mean nothing, it’s also worth mentioning that Rapunzel and and Flynn are spotted in Arendelle when the gates are opened (even if she doesn’t actually interact with the sisters). The theory above also mentions the proximity between both kingdoms, so all these factors combined seem more than just a coincidence.


If all these princesses are connected through a family tie, this theory can explain more than why the king and queen of Arendelle went off to sea. While Elsa’s father explains how she is born with powers in Frozen, the movie doesn’t go into much detail about how one could be born or cursed with powers. If this film is connected to Tangled, however, we at least get an example of how someone might be born with powers. While we’re given more clarity, we’re also left with more questions. If all of these princesses are related, why were the two sisters left alone for three years? Wouldn’t Rapunzel make a greater effort to communicate with her cousins?

We know that Rapunzel got her powers because her mother was healed through magic during her pregnancy, but why was Elsa born with magic?

Theory: Rapunzel and Elsa are actually twins, and Anna is their cousin from Arendelle. This theory believes the queen of Corona (Rapunzels mother) actually had twins, and they both inherited blonde hair and magical powers from the flower that saved their mother. Since Rapunzel got kidnapped as a baby, the king and queen feared their other daughter would be taken away from them as well, so they sent her to live with her aunt and uncle in Arendelle.

jwenvpuxrm7viBelievability: While this theory seems like more of a stretch, it’s just as believable as the theory above. While their powers seem different, both Elsa and Rapunzel have the power to bring life. Elsa exhibits this by creating Olaf while Rapunzel’s tears bring Flynn back to life. While both families share an undeniable resemblance, only Rapunzel and Elsa have blonde hair.


The only flaw in this theory is that the King and Queen of Corona wouldn’t feel compelled to hide their second daughter before the first one was kidnapped, so a set of twins should have been introduced from the beginning.

This theory fully explains how Elsa got her powers and why her “parents” tried so hard to keep them a secret, but it still keeps you wondering about certain aspects of the plot. Why wouldn’t the king and queen of Corona try to retrieve Elsa once Rapunzel returned home? And why are Elsa’s powers more complex than Rapunzel’s powers if they’re twins? While both theories still leave unanswered questions for the plot of Frozen, it’s interesting to think that both films could be connected through family ties.

Frozen and Tarzan

Theory: Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s brother. This theory states that king and queen of Arendelle had a baby on the boat, and they managed to escape to the jungle. They made a tree house but met their tragic end when a leopard attacked.


Believability: While Tarzan and Frozen are also believed to be connected through family ties, this connection seems a bit more sketchy. This theory seems credible because the co-director of Frozen mentioned it in the reddit post above, and who can disagree with the man who created both films? If you look closely at both films, however, this comment seems more likely to be a clever remark to reference a past movie as opposed to the missing link between both films. If you look carefully at the shipwreck in Tarzan, the boat is in flames, and they barely escape before the ship turns into rubble. In Frozen, however, the ship is engulfed by the waves, and there is no sign of a fire.



Furthermore, the family portrait found in Tarzan might discredit this theory. While I could be wrong, I doubt there was a camera and picture frame lying around on the boat, so Tarzan’s parents likely packed the photo with their belongings and managed to save it in the shipwreck. If this picture was taken before they embarked on the boat, and if they all shared the same parents, Anna and Elsa should be present in that picture. The inconsistencies in appearance (from their physical looks to the clothes they wear) also discredit the idea that Anna, Elsa, and Tarzan sharing the same parents.

Even though this theory is very unlikely, it’s still an interesting way to look at the events of Frozen. The shipwreck is one of the low points in this movie, but it would have even more purpose if the king and queen of Arendelle survived long enough to kickstart another amazing film.

Frozen and The Little Mermaid

Theory: The ship that sunk in Frozen is the ship Ariel discovers in The Little Mermaid.


Believability: The Little Mermaid is believed to take place near Denmark, so if the king and queen of Arendelle were going to a wedding in Germany, they would have to sail right by that area. If you’re wondering why this couldn’t be the ship from Tarzan, you’d have to re-examine both shipwrecks. In Tarzan, the ship catches fire and almost completely falls apart, so it would seem more difficult for Ariel to find undamaged items; meanwhile, the ship in Frozen was engulfed by the water, so that ship seems more likely to preserve the trinkets Ariel collects.

d6sjtyvgpt4eoEven though this connection doesn’t drive the plot of Frozen, it offers another perspective on the presence of magic in this world. King Triton and Ursula both have a significant amount of power, and if people from Arendelle happened to hear about a massive sea witch causing havoc in the middle of the ocean, could you blame them for being afraid of Elsa? Even though this connection puts into perspective the magnitude of magic in this world, it still leaves us confused about how it really works.

If one Disney movie can be connected with at least three different movies, imagine how many other films take place in the same world! For now at least, you can watch Frozen again and think about how complicated the background story must be (or at least get that song stuck in your head again). If, however, you want to keep looking for a new way to watch memorable stories, keep an eye out for my post on Harry Potter Fan Theories!


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