Star Wars Fan Theories

giphy13Sometimes, in the process of creating an amazing story, certain aspects of the plot or characters become underdeveloped. Star Wars, for example, has gone through great lengths to produce a well thought out story, but there are definitely certain parts of the series that need a better explanation. In my last post, we looked at theories that tried to answer one unanswered question, but this time we’ll be looking at theories that attempt to answer various plot holes. While these theories can’t solve every unanswered question in this galaxy, they’ll at least scratch the surface of an amazingly complex story.


Theory: R2-D2 is retelling the entire story from his perspective.

Believability: While this theory doesn’t apply to the entire storyline, it is extremely possible. As a droid, R2-D2 has the memory and character to retell a story that took place a long time ago. If the events that took place were retold from his own personal experience, that could explain the emphasis on certain events and characters. There are countless major battles that take place in the Star Wars universe, but certain conflicts such as the Battle of Endor or the Battle of Hoth are described in great detail, and R2-D2 happens to be present in both. Characters such as Anakin, Luke, and Leia only represent a few of the countless people involved in these events, but the story we see follows these characters because R2-D2 constantly interacts with them. The way this droid and his companion are portrayed might also support this theory since R2-D2 is always there at key moments to save the galaxy again and again (wouldn’t you make yourself the hero of your own story?), C-3PO is always around even if his character isn’t essential to the plot.

The biggest flaw in this theory is the idea that R2-D2 is retelling all these events after they have taken place. The Force Awakens and Rouge One reveal new characters and hardly show the droid’s presence, so it would make more sense if they were told from a different perspective. This theory is easily applicable to the first six films, but the two newest releases make it incredibly unlikely that R2-D2 is recounting these events in a distant future, so the battle is far from over. Still, this theory can help explain the plot holes in the first six movies. Even if there are various theories to explain certain plot holes, it would be simpler if one could say R2-D2 just wasn’t there.

Theory: Mace Windu is Snoke


giphy9Believability: Mace Windu’s death and character make this theory very unlikely. In Revenge of the Sith, Darth Sidious electrocuted him with force lightning, and Mace Windu fell hundreds of feet to his death. At this point, the chances of his survival seem very slim, but some might argue that he could have survived and became horribly mutilated in the process. If that event had left Mace Windu horribly disfigured, then that might account for a physical appearance that is similar to Snoke’s, but it still doesn’t account for the fifteen-foot height difference.

Along with the potential change in appearance, many believe Anakin’s betrayal might have been enough to push Mace Windu to the dark side, but that seems very unlikely for a Jedi master. As a master, Mace Windu would have dedicated many years of his life to his physical, mental, and spiritual training to stay balanced with the force, so he should have developed a strong moral compass. One might also look at two other Jedi masters (Yoda and Obi-wan) who were affected by that same betrayal, for they stayed on the light side of the force despite Anakin’s actions; so, that series of events shouldn’t have been enough to push Mace Windu over the edge.

Snoke is definitely an underdeveloped character. Members of the Cantina argue that Snoke wasn’t the most intimidating, overwhelming character in the series, especially compared to previous Star Wars villains. This theory attempts to improve Snoke’s character by creating an unexpected, interesting backstory. Still, it seems to be based more on what would make a cool plot twist as opposed a realistic possibility. Even if Mace Windu turned out to be Snoke, that would present more questions than answers. How did he survive that long? What exactly did he do in the original trilogy movies during both the rise and fall of the Empire?

Theory: Han is force sensitive

giphy10Believability: This theory is plausible because of Han’s luck and family tree. Han Solo is constantly getting shot at, so he seems almost too lucky to survive so many dangerous situations. While he doesn’t believe in the force, it makes more sense to think he can avert so many shots because of some his connection. Furthermore, all living beings are connected to one another through the force in the Star Wars universe, but some have a stronger connection to the force than others. If one is sensitive to the force, then it might be safe to assume that sensitivity will be passed down throughout generations. This could be the case for Han Solo and Leia Organa since they end up having three force sensitive children: Jaina Solo, Anakin Solo, and Jacen Solo (who ends up becoming the Sith Lord known as Darth Caedus.) While the fact that he has three force sensitive children may not specifically indicate Han’s connection to the force, this outcome would make more sense if both parents were sensitive to the force, especially since all three children became Jedi. This situation is not unique to Han and Leia since Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade are a force sensitive couples that produced force sensitive offsprings.

giphy11Some members of The Force would argue that Han is simply an experienced smuggler with street smarts, and the fact that he didn’t believe in the force doesn’t help. But it seems more of a stretch to believe luck helped Han track Luke on Hoth or shoot Greedo without much experience as opposed to the force. Furthermore, Han had to eventually believe the force, especially when Darth Vader steals his gun. This theory can explain why Han’s children are so powerful and create more insight on the character.

Theory: The Emperor intentionally made sure that Darth Vader would be too weak to overthrow him.


Believability: In the Star Wars universe, the Sith practice what is referred to as the “rule of two”, so at any given time, there will only be two active Siths: the master and the apprentice. The caveat to the “rule of two” is that in almost every instance, the apprentice rises in power and kills off their master. Then, they assume the role of master and train an apprentice who will likely do the same. Darth Sidious was likely well aware of this, and considering that his apprentice was prophesied to destroy the Sith, he needed to take the appropriate measures to prevent his demise. Luckily, his apprentice was left critically wounded after an intense duel with Obi Wan Kenobi. This was Darth Sidious’s best opportunity to “weaken” his apprentice since he would oversee Vader’s medical treatment. Darth Sidious wanted to make sure that his apprentice would be alive and well but never quite to the extent that he once was. Before, Anakin would jumping and do all sorts of maneuvers. Now, Darth Vader relies heavily on the breathing apparatus attached to his armor, and he is limited to slower movements.

giphy12One might discredit this theory by stating that Vader’s condition was caused by the severity of his injuries rather than a lack of better equipment; however, this seems unlikely when looking at another famous Star Wars cyborg, General Grievous’s only surviving organic body parts were his brain, heart, and lungs, yet his cybernetic body allowed him to scale walls, jump, and run. This goes to show that Vader’s physical abilities might not have been as hindered as they were.

This theory can explain why Darth Vader never killed Darth Sidious. If he wanted to become the next Sith Master, and he had the strongest known connection to the force, wouldn’t he get rid of his previous master? This would make more sense if Darth Sidious made it physically impossible for Vader to achieve that goal. Still, there is debate as to whether or not the suit empowers or weakens Vader, and this debate alone can disprove the theory if these weren’t Sidious’s intentions.

More plot holes will be answered and created as the story progresses, so for now, all we can do is speculate. If you want to dive even deeper into Star Wars, The Cantina and The Force are great forums, and Star Wars Explained really elaborates on the story. If, however, you want to keep looking for a new way to watch memorable stories, keep an eye out for my post on The Walking Dead Fan Theories!


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